Curator - Michael CramMike_Cram

I’m interested in creating art that reflects ideas and images that come from within myself. For me, all art represents what is either outside of ourselves or inside. In that sense, my art is representational of my inside. For me, beauty spans a large range of esthetics not just flowers and sunsets, which of course are beautiful and fulfilling.  My photographic books portray images that exist outside of myself. They are conceptual in nature since they show experiences in time and space. The drawings and paintings at the Work of Heart gallery are about the wide open spaces of the desert, the vast space between sub-atomic particles that make up all matter.  The figures in the drawings and paintings depict invisible guides who support us on our journey through this life.  I believe we are made of particles that “tend to exist” which makes every moment transient and precious.

You can contact Mike at 661 242 1316