Allen Thompson

Allen Thompson - Photography


“I create art because, internally, I have something to prove to myself that my art will have an impact on the viewer, no matter if it is liked or disliked. What can I do to make viewers take a second look? I believe everyone has a creative side and that we should always look at art as if it were ours to maybe see what the artist had in mind…When People look at my art, I hope they will: Have a varied range of emotions. All art affects people differently, and that’s ok with me.”

 Allen’s Influences: “I am overwhelmed by Ansel Adams tonal control of his Black and White work. For the Nudes, I admire the work of Jeanlope Sieff, a high fashion Photographer in the 60’s I  was drawn in by his use of contrast with his models  and also, Judy Dater, a fine art portrait photographer who I have studied with back in the 70’s. Her portraits were very melancholy and I was drawn in by the calm and innocents of the models.”

 Favorite Quote: “If it’s worth doing , it’s worth doing right.”

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